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Our Mission

We aim to encourage youth engagement and interest in medical knowledge in order to promote youth based medical-related advocacy through an array of different mediums:

Topic Driven Blogs

Read our blog posts on certain diseases/disorders every week.

Summarized research

Read our blog posts summarizing research papers for better understanding.

Interviews w/ Experts

Listen to recorded interviews with medical professionals about different diseases/disorders.

Research journal

A journal showcasing and commending student research with biological applications.

Numerous resources

Partnership produced resources to advocacy tips, all in one place.

Upcoming Topics

Every month has a dedicated disease/disorder that our blog will be focusing on, with new blog posts coming out every week. Here's what you can look forward to in the upcoming months:

Cerebral Palsy

Current topic!

Stomach cancer

November 2022


December 2022


January 2023

Cystic fibrosis

February 2023


March 2023


April 2023


May 2023


June 2023

Our Team

Meet the wonderful team behind the mission!

  • Jake Konigsberg

    Jake Konigsberg

  • Stanley Zhao

    Stanley Zhao

  • Amanda Liswood

    Amanda Liswood

    Research Coordinator
  • Pradnya Ns

    Pradnya Ns

    Research Coordinator
  • Kevin Zhang

    Kevin Zhang

    Content Writer
  • Wayne Shih

    Wayne Shih

    Content Writer
  • Magdeline Gomes

    Magdeline Gomes

    Content Writer
  • Maxx Yung

    Maxx Yung

    Community Ambassador
  • Harini Senthilkumar

    Harini Senthilkumar

    Community Ambassador
  • Xintong Lu

    Xintong Lu

    Community Ambassador
  • Awab Ahmed

    Awab Ahmed

    Community Ambassador